Healthcare Environments

Specialised ventilation (HVAC) is used in healthcare premises to provide airborne infection control in primary patient treatment and care areas such as:

Operating Departments

Critical Care Units

Isolation Rooms

Sterile Services Departments


Nuclear Medicine Departments

Spectrum provide measurements and inspection reports in accordance with the healthcare standards HTM 03-01 and HBN-4. Where appropriate, Spectrum can make recommendations and adjustments to achieve the optimum performance from the HVAC system.

The table below lists some of the typical inspection and measurement services

For Operating Departments

  • AHU conforms to the minimum standards
  • Fire containment not breached
  • The fabric of the area is satisfactory
  • Control systems checks
  • UCV canopy entrainment test
  • Supply and Extract flow rates
  • Room pressure differentials
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Room temperature and humidity
  • Room noise levels
  • UCV canopy velocity
  • Calculation of room air change rates
  • Installed HEPA filter leak test
  • Airborne particle counts
  • Flow patterns
  • Microbial air sampling

For Patient Isolation Rooms

  • HVAC System Airflow
  • System Pressures
  • System Balance
  • System Condition Control
  • Air change Rate
  • Installed System Filter Leakage Test
  • Particle Count Levels

For Hospital Pharmacies

  • Tests applicable to Cleanrooms, Laminar Airflow Units, Microbiological Safety Cabinets and Isolators.